Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009

What a couple of frustrating days at the torch. I finished watching Smiley's video on off mandrel pendants, and decided to try boro beads again. I have problems with boro - probably because I'm new at it. I've burnt off mandrels, having almost completed beads drop onto my table never to be recovered or used, there are lots of air pockets left in encased beads, I'm not getting the colors from the glass that they say I should be getting - it's a challenge....I've got some hints from some of the beadmakers on Lampwork Etc - and will try again tomorrow. One thing I've learned---I'm reminding myself of what I did to make these beads on the little white circles of paper attached to the beads. How many times have you made a bead, only to go back to it a bit later and not be able to remember how it was made?


Anonymous said...

Although I can't relate to this with reference to bead making I can certainly use if in perspective to jewelry making and it is a challenge to remember how I created things before.

Despite reading about your struggles this past week, your work is always beautiful and I'd never guessed that you were new at any aspect of Lampworking. Gorgeous work!

jeanniesbeads said...

Thanks Sharon -