Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

Ah, back from vacation. After spending 3 weeks away from the torch, it's hard to get in the swing of things.
Bead and Button was Great - lots of beautiful beads to see, and supplies to buy - and I had an awsome class with Kristina Logan! Totally awsome.
Then, it was a two week road trip to Oregon and British Columbia to see our son, and some long lost relatives.
I've been working on a special request - and as usual, it's a challenge. A customer wanted one set of beads I made awhile back in a bigger size....Did I remember the exact color combinations I used? No - do I need to be more particular about the size of bead I make? Yes. It's fun - and a challenge. Tomorrow, I'll try again - and my customer can pick.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13 2010

Bead and Button was so much fun! The class with Kristina Logan was wonderful. I learned a totally new way of making beads, starting from the basic bead to DOTS - so much to practise when I get home from our vacation.
I was amazed that some of the people I met last year still remembered me - just fun to see familiar faces again. Thanks to all those who took the time to talk to us and offer us their words of wisdom.