Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009

I am at a blahh spot for making beads - sales tend to be not as fast as I would like, or I don't seem to be making what jewlery makers are looking today, I made for myself. While at Bead and Button, I bought a couple of Dora Shubert's beads - two larger beads and two of her tear drop beads. I've been wondering what to do with the tear drop beads, when a friend of mind said she was thinking the same and was about to make some beads to encorporate them in a bracelet - so that's what I tried. I really wasn't happy with about half of the beads that came out of the kiln, but the ones I'm showing are going to be OK. I just need another day at the torch to come up with enough to complete a bracelet.

Another thought I had was to see how small I could go. Last week, I had a commission to duplicate a set of beads that I made over a year ago. Since then, I think I've improved, and my customer must have thought so also, as she asked that the beads be 8 x 11 mm - which is smaller than I traditionally go. I had a go at it, and am hoping she will be happy....Those beads are made, so I decided to see how my favorite beads would look smaller. I LOVE black base with bright turquoise, pea green, and purple beads - here's the result. Think I'll make more of those tomorrow - Can't you see a bracelet with black spacer beads - or maybe an 18" necklace, each bead wired to the next....lots of torch time coming up.

Oh, I almost forgot to let you know - My blue hollow beads took first place - that's FIRST PLACE in the Artistry in Glass quarterly bead competition - I'm quite proud of these beads - hollows, decorated with my murrini, twisties, and stringers. Have a look - the blue ones.

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Anonymous said...

Your newest beads are absolutely gorgeous and I can assure you from this jewelry artist, I would buy them all if my budget allowed.

Congratulations on taking first place, what an accomplishment and one you should rightfully feel very proud of!