Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 15 2008

Back to running - it was a long run today - 22 miles actually. The first 17 went OK. The last 5 were a bit of a challenge. But we did it. Bruce ran with me for the first 17, then followed me on his trusty old Red bike for the last 5. The weather cooperated though. We had 60 degree weather compared to the 80's of yesterday. Anyway, with that, the rest of the day was pretty much a right off. Only one set of beads to show - some turquoise that I have been playing with. They actually have a base of green, with some reactive glass so that the turquoise dots on top consolidate into neat little circles within circles. Tomorrow will be torching time, and I hope to do some more bling bling dot beads as well as try something a bit more masculine.

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