Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25 2008

Sometimes I wonder just how many people have looked at this...One of these days, I will try to figure out how to send an email to those people interested in receiving automatic updates. We had a lont, 4 day weekend with Easter - two good days of torching...one bad day. I am still intrigued by the warring states beads. Maybe I just like the dots. One of the hardest decisions to make is which colors of glass to use - white goes with everything, but one gets tired of that after awhile. The blue and black color scheme I sort of stole from Corina Tettinger's latest beads. She did three awsome sets of blue and black beads - I thought the colors would do the warring states design justice also. It's always fun to see how the reactive glasses will work. These include opal yellow, copper green and rubino, I think. The orange shebert really say "spring", don't they. Too bad the weather isn't cooperating yet. Rumor has it we have 4 more weeks of winter! Stay tuned - my next set is going to be black and white (maybe not that boring). I think I am starting to ramble. Bruce was in bed this past weekend with a really bad cold - just hoping I'm not getting it.

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