Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008

Time flies - almost the middle of April already...and finally, we are seeing some nice weather. I've been in a bit of a rut at the torch lately. My inspriation came back when one of my custmers sent me this picture of a bracelet she made from a set of beads. It's a golfer's bracelet! Here's how it works in her own words:

I created the Golf Stroke Bracelet because I have such a hard time trying to remember the number of times I hit the ball on any given hole. (Yes, I hit it a lot!!) Anyway one of my girlfriends showed me this stroke counter she had on her golf bag. It was basically a piece of nylon rope that had 10 plastic miniature golf ball beads afixed to it. Everytime you hit the ball, you slide a bead down the rope. At the end of the hole you count the number of balls and then you know what to write on your score card. Well, being the girly girl that I am I wanted something that looked a little nicer, could fit on my wrist, and match my golf outfits. So I created the Golf Stroke Bracelet. After I hit the ball, I slide a bead over. At the end of the hole I count how many I slid and then I know what to write on my score card. Once I write my score down I move the beads back into the starting position. It's functional during the game and after I play and we are in the club house having some refreshments it still looks good on my wrist. Unfortunately the bracelets haven't helped me play any better, just keep my score more accurate. :)I also wear them during the day when I'm not playing golf to remind my self to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. For every glass I drink, I move a bead". Should you be interested, she can be reached at:

I should be able to use one when I am running laps at the track, cause after 3, I sort of forget how many I have done (and I'm tired of keeping track on my fingers.

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