Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 16 2008

It looks like Spring may be on it's way, here in South Western Ontario. We have been able to run outside once again. It takes awhile to adjust from running on a treatmill to running outside once again. The treadmil is a no brainer. You set the speed at which you want to go, and just make sure you stay in the same place. Running outside is different. You have to be able to judge your pace. If not, one most likely runs out of energy before the distance is covered, at least I do. I tend to run too fast in the beginning. Anyway, this is a beading blog, not a running blog.

It's been awhile since I've last added to this blog...but this weekend, I did get some awsome beads made. I still like dots, and have discovered Warring States Beads that date back to 400bc time in China. The black and white are my interpretation of these beads. I also worked on some raked beads - more dots only they are distorted. Another technique I like to use when making beads, especially focal beads, is to just play. I have no set ideas, just put alot of colored glass in front of me, and play...

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