Friday, August 6, 2010

August 7, 2010

Two days worth of torching, and one small handful of little beauties! Take a look at these? Can you imagine that a couple of these tiny beads have as many as 36 dots! Most have around 18. Of course, this doesn't include the rejected ones - the god awful yellow ones that are just plain gaudy - the ones that came out just a bit too small, and a couple that came out too big. The interesting thing about lampwork is that in alot of cases, you just don't know what the finished bead is going to look like till you see it. Alot of the glass colors look different when they are hot (molten) red. Red turns black when it gets hot. Try and make a red bead with black dots - you're working blind.

I am pleased to have a commission to create another necklace like this picture - just tickled! It will probably take one more session at the torch to make sure I have a good selection of beads for this beauty -

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