Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

The start of my birthday month. I see no reason why I shouldn't celebrate for the whole month - and to start off with, DH has decided to join me in this lampwork adventure. He's been copper coring beads for me - and NO, we did not buy any of the machines out on the market that will make coring easy for you. We have a disk cutter for cuttong bead caps, a couple of hammers for texturing, and a dapping set for forming the bead caps, and for securing the bead cap to the bead. See how well he has formed the core to capture the bead cap! This is not just a slight flare as I have seen some of the machines do - it is a well formed flare that forms itself to the bead cap (or bead) -

With whatever I've done in the past, I tend to be a tool minimalist. And believe me, I was ready to go out and buy a neat coring machine. Thanks to DH, we've not only saved ourselves some money, we are continuing to do what we love without collecting a bunch of "one use tools".

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