Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Maybe this will be the saga of a quilt I am destined to make. June's Challenge. I've never had 27 - 1/2 yards of fabric, with corresponding background fabric at my disposal to make a quilt, and now I have. The history of my quilt making has been as follows: When Hubby and I were poor, and he was finishing up his degree at Michigan Tech, I could afford to go to Ben Franklin to find some sort of cotton material to make a quilt with. All I could find was this hidious green, orange and yellow callico - and with that, I made my first quilt. My daughter has it now, and won't give it up for the world.....
Twenty years later, we were in Northern Ontario - Timmins, South Porcupine, to be exact, and the only fabric store around (and I mean for at least 60 miles, was FabricLand. Needless to say, when we planned a trip to my brother's in Marquette, it tried to correspond with a sale at JoAnn's, where I would just buy 1/4 yard or 1/2 yard of pieces of fabric that I liked. I'd take them home with me, add them to whatever other fabric I had, and then I'd make some squares, and when I had enough, I'd see if they were enough to make a quilt with. I also enjoyed making alot of miniature quilts....mainly because I could try out a technique, and it wouldn't take up that much material.
Will, because of a newfound friend and cousin of mine, I have been given 27- 1/2 yard cuts of corresponding material, and not only one, but two pices of background fabric to work with, and the instructions are to make a quilt.....Do you know how exhausting it is for me to find a pattern - something I want to work with for a long time!!!! I've looked at my books and magazines for three days, then searched the internet for inspiration - to no avail.
Today, I decided to just start - I've always liked the Carpenter's square pattern, and I've cut it out and am hand piecing it. I don't know where this quilt is going yet - I'm thinking that something will be the center medallion, and I'll work around it -
The picture is the fabric I've been given to work with - any ideas?

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