Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010

I'm quilting again! And overwhelmed! I received a present from my cousin - there are 4 of us doing June's Challenge - and here's a picture of the fabric she sent! 27 coordinating to decide on a pattern. That will be hard for me - any suggestions? I thought I might do an applique, but then decided that I wanted this quilt finished before 5 years were up - so now I'm thinking of a medallion in applique, and sewn borders around the medallion.....

And here's a quilt I started to assemble from pieces I've been working on - I like it. I've been going through my scraps and cutting 4 inch squares to make half triangles for the next border.

And finally, we are attempting to copper core some of my beads. Instead of buying a special machine, we've been using a dapping set. It's a learning process -

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