Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23 2009

Often, when I sell beads on Etsy or Artfire, I wonder what becomes of them. Everynow and then, someone will send me a picture of their creation....as did Nastasia - She bought an eclectic set of beads - alot of blues and purples - a really big hole bead, and a hollow bead were part of the set. This is what she's come up with. I'm amazed at her creativity. With the use of crystals and smaller beads, she's made my big beads look awsome. Thanks Nastasia for sharing.
BYW - does anyone know the best place to get a new harmonica? Hubbies harmonica is wearing out - one of the notes sticks, and he's looking for a new one. It's a hoot - Aila - the Terveran - howls everytime he starts playing. I think she thinks she is accompanying him!

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