Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009

We have jam and frozen cherries for this coming winter! Today, we picked the rest of the cherries off our cherry tree that I thought was a plum tree - and I have to show you the very best cherry pitter ever. For the last couple of days, I have dreaded this day, as my hands have been sore from squishing and pulling out cherry pits...unable to find a cherry pitter in town, I took to the internet to see what my options were....lo and behold...I came across a couple of alternatives - a straw - I tried this last year to no avail...just couldn't make that straw shove the pit out of the cherry. Ordering one was out of the question. Our cherries were ripe NOW - two days from now they will be full of mildew, and the birds will have eaten even the bottom ones. I found something written about a bobby pin or a hair pin. Not having any hairpins around, I substituted a piece of bent wire and pounded it into a wine cork which is to be the holder. It works like magic! Push the end of the "hairpin" in, bend it towards me, and pull out the cherry pit. No more cramped, sore thumbs. Picture attached of the pitter and the jam. Not included in the picture are the 4 frozen servings of cherries or the cherry crumb that I baked for super.

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