Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24 2008

I just had to include a picture of the beads I was able to create today. I am especially proud of the Chaos bead - compliments of the excellent tutorial by Sherry Bellamy. Also included are a group of beads - base is ivory, decorated with Silver Cinnamon - the ASK glass that is no longer available. It has a really neat reaction with the Ivory - first outlining the cinnamon with a dark ring, then fracturing the ivory to give it a really organic look.

Last, more reactive glass - Iris Blue. The base is grey, giving the iris blue a mustard look. First, the Iris Blue expands till it reaches itself, outlining the base color. Then when a color is added on top of the iris blue, the color sort of absorbs into itself, leaving an outline of lighter color, and consolidating that color into the center.

Marathon training - I did complete 19.68 miles on Saturday. The first 8 were a piece of cake - I really enjoyed being out in the county running with the wind. The next 7 miles were OK - started to feel a bit week, but electrolites and Cliff Shots helped alot. For the last the last almost 5 miles I was windering what in the world I was doing this feet hurt, and I was tired...but I DID IT. Next long run is in three weeks.

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