Monday, January 28, 2008

January 27 2008

Just for fun, I entered a bead contest - and lo and behold, took second place in the intermediate category. So I was excited about that. Not only did they find my beads worth, I get a gift certificate to buy glass. I am making a list right now, and trying to figure out what I really need. Below is the bead set that placed.Etsy sales are still slower than I would like. Tomorrow I have plans for another set of beads experimenting with EDP purple. It does unexpected things to each glass I work with. Hoping it will be a good choice for Spring time, which should be right around the corner....we hope. On Saturday, our small lampwork guild will meet. It will be fun and interesting to see in person what each of us has been doing....much better than looking at the photos on the web. I have been trying to list beads regularly on ETSY, as well as list a couple a week on Lampwork.

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