Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19 2010 Bothered

I usually don't write about things that bother me, but today is an exception.
1. Aila, our Terveran, and I were out for a nice gentle run this morning, when a runner passed us on the other side of the road. He gave us the FINGER - not once, but three times! I can understand that he might be afraid of dogs, but Aila was under control and on a leash. So - after the first time, when he looked back to check on my progress, which he did repeatedly, I waved - two times.

2. Corrina has been generous enough to give out for FREE, a page showing her groundhog beads, and a short description on how they were all started. Did I mention that she is not charging anything for them? Here's her web site, and here's another web site where someone has graciously laminated the sheet and was selling them for $13 - I can only hope that she doesn't re-stock!

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