Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 11 2009

Well, I did start writing a new blog, and the power kicked off for a moment....just enough to kill the computer......OK, where did I leave off...As you may well know, I like "dots", and this week, I have been making more of them, along with flowers. I've come up with a couple new complex designs that I'm happy attached. I'm also working with different colors than I normally use. They may not be shown here, but look for them on either the etsy sight, or the artfire sight. I'm really happy with how the "berry" transparent is working for my flowers, and will always like "pea green" and "leaky pen" - a couple of my favorites. Check out the hearts. These were re-used from beads that I didn't like. I've re-heated them and formed them into hearts....If anyone tries this, PLEASE be careful. Even though these were re-heated on the top of my kiln, at my first attempt, I introduced them to the flame much too quickly, and I had big pieces of glass flying.....

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