Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

We received about 4 inches of snow last night - "it's beginning to look alot like Christmas!". I hope at least the roads will be clear by next Sunday, so that I can drive to the airport to pick up our son without worry....I really don't like driving through Detroit, but I am determined to get more practise at it!

Well, besides working on the torch, I've decided to try quilting again. I used to be a pretty good quilter...haven't really done much of it for the last two years. What has inspired me is that my brother, who is going through radiation for cancer now, has been known to take naps in his sunroom, and use one of the older quilts to keep warm. I know they probably don't cover his whole body well, as he's quite tall, and when I made the quilts, I had my sister in law in I went through my old blocks and put together a quilt that is sure to cover him from chin to toes! Now it's time to quilt the thing. I am a hand quilter. Nothing against machine quilting, I just like the hand work. I have this quilt set up on my movable quilt frame, so that I can take it from TV room to reading room, depending on where I want to be.

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